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Corporate identity

Apastron provides the corporate identity services, which are designed in accordance with your business objectives to facilitate the achievement of your business. As part of these services, we include a logo and supporting elements commonly assembled within a set of rules. These rules administer how the identity is functional and confirm approved colour palettes, typefaces, page layouts and other such methods of maintaining visual stability and brand acknowledgment across all physical, web, and electronic manifestations of the brand.

Our corporate identity services are composed of three parts:

  • Corporate designs (logos, flyers, brochures, business cards, and stationary)
  • Corporate communication (commercials, public relations, and information)
  • Corporate behaviour (internal values, ethics and norms)

As we know that corporate designs have become a worldwide procedure for promoting companies, we enhance the corporate culture. Through logo, flyers, letter heads, company brochures, executive’s business cards and other stationary like envelopes and things, we determine your corporate identity.

Corporate identity is the illustration of your business!

It gives the first impression of a business. Our experts understand the importance of your business and provide the services to impact your business. They design your logo according to the name of company and the business product or service you are going to offer. Corporate identity is as important to the business as the business name.

Our corporate identity services also include:

Brochures Design – Brochures usually come into play so one can make a smart buying decision. Brochure is required to advertise your products and services and is critical to turning your prospective customers into paying customers.

This is very much important in marketing prospects, because at that time you interact with people using your stationary only. Your company’s marketing person carries with them is your name and Business Card, so corporate identity services are important and should be taken care of properly.

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